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Sarojini Market Strike

Sarojini Nagar market has been off indefinitely for unusual reason as it is most commonly known for prompt “pack-up” before incursion done by the police.

The meeting of market association was held on Thursday.  There is a announcement of Bandh against the NDMC to allocate the space to the supplementary tehbazaris in that area decided to shutoff all their shops indefinitely.

According to the President of market association Pramod Sharma that until they will not get the statement in written for to look after the matter, they will not stop their strike.

After the declaration of NDMC to allot 112 hawkers to tehbazari, 90 near the Babu Market and 82 in the Sarojini Nagar, they went on strike on Thursday.  According to the Dehli 2012 master plan, NDMC programmed to transfer 52 and officially recommend about 68 tehbazaris in the market according to the Mr. Sharma as the decision is disobeyed instead of what was said in the earlier.

According to Mr. Sharma “Maximum sales take place on Saturdays and Sundays. We feel very sorry for the customers. We apologise for the inconvenience caused to them,”.

The traders of Babu Market, Mini Market, vegetable market, and Sarojini Nagar Main market takes part in the strike.