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Parking Fee

General Parking Fee

  • One is charged Rs. 10 for the first hour plus the part thereof

  • One is asked to pay Rs 10 per extra hour & part thereof thereafter

Pre-Paid Parking

The South Square plus Capitol Point multilevel car parks facilitate the pre-paid parking facility as is it easily available at these places.

The Retrieval Room or Customer Lounge is the area from where issuance of Pre-paid parking cards is done. Obtaining Pre-Paid parking cards comes with additional features of multiple types of discounts which are easily displayed which solely depend on the specific card needs.

One has to pay a security deposit of Rs. 100 on every card issued. The deposit money is refundable upon card return to concerned office.

As there is no card validity time limit one can use that with peace of mind until and unless the card is filled with the amount one is willing to utilize. One can refill and reuse this card like the use of metro cards.

Holiday Parking

You might be planning for a holiday and are bit anxious about the safety of your car in that situation.
Use the facility of DLF multi level’s holiday car parking which remains great choice for you as best car parking options at Capitol Point and South Square alike.

One can choose to avail the holiday car parking service for as much time as wish for both car parking. The only step you need to take in such situation is keeping the parking supervisor well informed in advance. According to usual policies the best car parking durations are on an average 15-20 days but still one can request for more number of days if there is such need and one seek for need fulfillment.

Those car owners using Pre-paid cards can avail the facility of additional discounts even in parking for the long term according to card validity facilities available.

One may go for the overnight / long-term car parking facility by making the payment of usual rate of @Rs 10 per hour in the absence of any pre-paid car parking card.