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Car Parking

For entry into MLCP on the G and H Avenues comprising of the market area plus residential locations it is nearby the Sarojini Nagar Market roadside area.

Step 1

In-time recording and Car Registration number is done instantly once any car passes through the Parking Window area. Operator’s system relays the details and information received through camera capturing hence the driver is issued a Smart card thereafter. Automatic lifting process is done by the Boom barrier for the car entries.

Step 2

Once a Customer enters into the basement area through driving there the Display Board indicates the exact “Parking Bay Status” for the direction towards empty parking bay areas. Usually customers are assisted by the parking attendants for proper parking pallet positioning of a car. Customers are further assisted for perfect car alignment on the pallet under proper direction through the display sensors available there.

Step 3

It is the step when customers walk to the area designated for card swiping once they come out of their cars. Hardly is any pollution there as automatic parking process requires the car owners to shut down the car engines. Drivers are bound to use the instructions mentioned at the card swipe area as are they displayed there.

Step 4

Pressing of conformation button by the customers is the last process. They are advised to wait for a while until boom barrier is completely closed down and they see the switched on green light. They are advised to keep their card on the card-reader until turning off of the Green Light. Once it is done the car is instantly lifted for parking. Car is therefore moved through the computerized lift to vacant parking space slot available on any of the above floors there.