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Sarojini Nagar Market Other Sections

Other than the Sarojini Nagar there are certain other sections of this market like Babu Market, Subzi Market, Central Market and the Export Market. On the north-west corner of the Sarojini Nagar market lies the Babu Market. This market is basically famous for the garments. Besides these you can enjoy the hot Indian snacks such as Samosas and Jalebi along with the friends and family in evening and even in rainy day. Another market is the Subzi Market that is situated towards the far south of the Sarojini Nagar market. In north India the vegetables are called as 'Subzi'. You can buy various kinds of fresh fruits as well as vegetables that are available at very reasonable prices.

The famous market is the Central Market that faces towards Subzi Mandi. This is also famous for spices. A number of furniture shop as well as the general stores are found here. The most famous market famous as the Export Bazaar of Sarojini Nagar and famous for clothes is situated on the back-streets of SN. This market has basically clothes of export surplus. At Sarojini Nagar Market there are many customers like boys and girls of modern generation who do not have enough money and want to buy the fashionable clothes of latest trends and of various popular brands like levi’s, Reebok etc. can buy from here at very affordable prices.