Sarojini Nagar Market - A Complete Mega Hangout!!

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Main Areas of Sarojini Nagar

Sarojini Nagar is divided into 4 main areas. All these areas are famous for different things and specialties. The 4 major areas of the market are:

The Sabzi Market

If anyone wants to taste fresh fruits at very reasonable rates then ‘Sabzi Mandi’ or Sabzi market is the best for them. The Sabzi Market is very close to the area of Central Market and it is the place that is having fresh vegetables and fruits.

Babu Market

Babu Market is the actual Sarojini market that one must visit. It is having everything that a shopper might ask for. Many shops in this market are old. Those shops are more like the ancestral properties that have now come up like great shops. All these shops are like the landmarks. After the fathers and forefathers dealing with the same business, their sons are looking after these shops at Babu Market. Keval Toy shop, a barber shop, Chacha Saree, Mahindra Sweets and many more are some of the famous shops in this market.

Mandir Wali Gali

The Mandir Wali Gali is also a decent place to shop at in the area of Sarojini Nagar.

Central Market

Central market is a famous market that is having many shops. It is also the centre market. It has many famous shops like Alpana Traders, General stores, Kalpana Traders and many more. A person can also satisfy their taste buds by grabbing kulfis and tikkis. The taste and aroma coming from the streets, bakeries and restaurants are very much alluring to attract the people in the lanes.