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Family Owned Shops In Sarojini Nagar Market

There are lots of clothes and sweet shops in this market that are family owned. There are about 4 major family businesses that are running in Sarojini Nagar.

  • Subzi Market

  • Babu Market

  • Mandir Wali side.

  • Central market.

Babu Market is situated at the North-West region of the Sarojini Nagar Market.  This market includes garments and clothes shops facing each other in 4 rows. Mahindra Sweets is the first shop of Babu Market facing North-East side. This shop is located at the outer side of the Babu market. This shop is also popular named as Mucchal Halwayi ki Dukaan.

Other shop is a Shoe shop that is located on the North West corner of the market. This shop was a bakery and general store in the past 1990s. There are lots of other popular shops in Babu Market that includes Chacha Saree, Lalaji ki Dukan (Kurta Payjama shop), open air barbar shop, toy shop, Kumar Dentist, Meat Shops, and Neelgagan Stationary.

On the south side end of the Sarojini Nagar market is Subzi Market.  One can get fresh fruits and vegetables at a reasonable price in this market and this market is in South-West side.

Other famous market is Central market that is facing Subzi market.  There are lots of famous shops like Kalpana Traders, Furniture Houses, General Stores, Alpana Traders etc. This Central Market is the largest one and got a shape of horizontal extended like “I” or “][“. This is in the form of circle and unique in layout. Those people lost in the market found easily as they reach the same point where they started. These shops are in rows. There is also an open-air-pathway that is newly constructed for customers in frontage of these shops so that customers easily reached the shops among the crowd.

There are footwear shops on the North side of the market.