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Clothing Brands in Sarojini Nagar

Sarojini Nagar is one of the famous markets in Delhi. The items that are easily available at cheap prices are export-quality clothing’s and among these are few clothing’s that the company quality departments have rejected. These are the major reasons that one can buy branded clothes at much cheaper price. The market is shut down on every Monday. The major lanes where these export market clothing’s are available is situated at the end of the market that is very close to the vegetable market. The few of the major and renowned shops that are located in the central market are cake n pastry shop, Mohan Restaurant, Paradise Sarees, Grover Furniture, Capri store and Atta Chakki.

The area of market located opposite to the central market towards the Hanuman Temple few of the famous shops are Lahori Restaurant, Ushnak Milk Dairy, New Photo Life, and Pharmacy shops, Electronic Stores, Optics Shops andBand Box Drycleaners.The other economical brand labels available are John Players,TNG, Charlie Outlaw and Cotton County. Towards the northern side of the Sarojini Nagar central market are the various footwear shops. Shopping for brandedfootwears can be done from Paul Shoes,Om Boot House,Bata Shoes,Reebok Shoes, Paul Photo Studios, Liberty and Woodland Shoes. The other shopping that can be done in this market is of the leather belts that are seated near the famous Sarojini Nagar display. This sign board displaying the market name is quite old and few of the letters from this signage have been missing since long.