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Sarojini Nagar Bomb Blast


On 29th October 2005 Delhi came across the terrifying 3 consecutive bomb blasts in which about 62 people were killed and about 210 were injured. The last and the third explosion executed at the most crowded market of Delhi that is the Sarojini Nagar market. According to the Hindu website and the eyewitnesses present there said that this bomb was place in the maruti van of white color parked in the market and due to the explosion the mirrors of the van got shattered here and there. After blast the bomb fire goes to the shop of a vendor who was using the gas cylinder and as a result the blasts got triggered leading to the multiple explosions. Consequently a row of shops caught fire and leads to the death of 43 people and injuries to 28 people. Near about 6 garment shops and the vehicle around got burnt in this explosion.